DeLalla & Associates, LLC provides clients with comprehensive landscape architectural services, ranging from the design of residential properties to the site planning and development of larger commercial sites. Our firm specializes in the preparation of landscape designs which respond to our clients’ goals and requirements, while respecting the capacity of the land to support the project scope.

Our firm creates landscape designs which encompass all elements of residential properties, including the locations of the primary residence and accessory structures, as well as the layout of the driveway, walks, terraces, swimming pool and spa, tennis court, gardens and lawn areas. We provide detailed designs of all landscape elements including walls, pavements and other masonry, plant materials, fencing, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, fountains, site lighting and garden ornaments. In addition, we prepare and coordinate any site plan, zoning or wetland permitting applications required in order to complete the proposed work.

DeLalla & Associates, LLC also provides site design and environmental planning services to a variety of commercial, institutional and municipal clients. These services include the design and layout of access roads and parking areas, courtyards, paths, recreation facilities, planting plans, site lighting, wetland mitigation and restoration plans, stormwater treatment facilities, soil erosion and sedimentation control plans and site details. We coordinate the regulatory review process for site plan and subdivision approvals, prepare application materials and supporting data for the environmental permitting process and present projects to local, state, regional and federal agencies, boards and commissions for approval. The comprehensive landscape architectural services provided by our firm, in collaboration with other professionals, throughout the design, approval and construction phases, enable our clients to achieve their project goals and objectives.


DeLalla & Associates, LLC provides comprehensive site design and planning services to a variety of residential, commercial, institutional and municipal clients, starting with preparation of the initial schematic design and extending through to the completion of construction activity. We work closely with our clients to establish the design criteria for their project and evaluate site opportunities and constraints to determine the highest and best use for their property.

Beginning with a thorough site analysis of the property, we evaluate the site topography, vegetative patterns, layout of existing structures and surrounding land uses and identify the environmental constraints, in order to provide a detailed review of the existing condition of the site. The next step in the design process is the preparation of a conceptual masterplan for the property incorporating both the clients’ specific program requirements for the property, as well as the existing site data. Following the master plan phase, more detailed drawings are prepared in order to obtain any municipal approvals or permits that may be needed.

DeLalla & Associates, LLC provides regulatory approval services ranging from local site plan and subdivision applications, variances and wetland permits, to coordinating with state and regional agencies such as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Connecticut DEP, as well as with federal agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers for the permits required to work within sensitive environmental areas. Approval services include presentations before local boards and commissions and coordination of the approval process with federal, state and regional agencies.

Once the necessary approvals are obtained we prepare construction drawings and specifications to provide the detailed documentation required to implement the project design. These documents include the preparation of detailed layout, grading, planting and lighting plans and construction details and specifications to provide the information required by the contractor to execute the design as intended. In addition, we prepare preliminary cost estimates, coordinate the bidding process, review contractor scheduling, and evaluate the work in progress during construction activities. Services also include the coordination with other design professionals including architects, engineers, surveyors, soil scientists, biologists, landscape contractors and others to provide our clients with comprehensive site planning services.


DeLalla & Associates, LLC provides environmental design and planning services for a wide variety of properties including individual residential properties, condominiums, residential subdivisions, office/corporate parks, recreation facilities, institutional, municipal, industrial and commercial sites. These services include landscape design and site planning services, to assist in preparation of development plans which are compatible with the environmental constraints of a parcel, and to provide for the comprehensive evaluation of the potential impacts associated with a proposed development. The firm provides services ranging from the design of wetland and buffer area mitigation plans, the creation of new wetland areas and preparation of soil erosion and sedimentation control plans, to the design of detailed stormwater treatment facilities and the enhancement and restoration of pond and wetland areas that have been degraded by prior uses or invasive plant species. Delalla & Associates, LLC works with our clients throughout the entire planning process, beginning with the initial site evaluation, continuing through the regulatory review process and culminating in the design implementation and construction of the project. Our involvement in all phases of the project planning allows for continuity throughout the development process, thereby enabling us to make any required modifications to the plans, while both preserving the design intent and limiting changes to the project scope.




DeLalla & Associates, LLC provides land development consulting services to a variety of clients, including builders, developers, real estate agents, private property owners, land trusts and local municipalities. These services include evaluating the development opportunities and environmental constraints of a parcel, to determine the potential uses and value for the property. Our firm evaluates the environmental, zoning and land use restrictions of the site and advises clients as to the development potential of a given parcel. Design and site planning services, including the identification of the site constraints, preparation of preliminary plans to illustrate alternative uses and layouts, analysis of potential development impacts and the evaluation of the regulatory review process for a particular parcel, provide valuable tools to the development and real estate communities. DeLalla & Associates, LLC has extensive experience in coordinating the regulatory review process with local, regional, state and federal agencies and provides clients with comprehensive land evaluation and site design and planning services, often in conjunction with multi-disciplinary teams, comprised of attorneys, architects, engineers, surveyors and other consultants.

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